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Kesyukuran Adalah Suatu Cara Hidup

Amerika baru sahaja meraikan ‘Thanksgiving Day’, atau Hari Kesyukuran, di mana para keluarga akan berkumpul dan menikmati ayam belanda panggang bersama. Kami di Malaysia tidak meraikan sebegini, tetapi konsep memperingati dengan kesyukuran atas segala yang diberikan kepada kita; untuk keluarga, … Read More

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Thankfulness As a Way of Life

America has just finished celebrating Thanksgiving Day, with family gatherings and roast turkeys. We don’t celebrate in that way here, but the concept of remembering with gratitude for what we have been given, for friends, family, and the life we … Read More

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Understanding The B40 Community In Malaysia

You may have heard or seen the term ‘B40’ in relation to programmes and policies for Malaysian citizens, but do you know what this term really means? … Read More

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My Opinion on the Jay Shetty Controversy

Sharing my opinion on the Jay Shetty controversy. I believe all humans make mistakes. Instead of giving up or retaliating, he has corrected his mistakes and continued to inspire us all. Much respect! … Read More

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Tips to a happy marriage

My Tips To A Happy Marriage By Teacher Raj

10 years today married to the best partner in the world. Love you long time my Sayang aka Jaan. I’d like to take this opportunity to share my tips on marriage. Common anniversary sayings: “there are many ups and downs”/“Thank … Read More

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Blending Both Worlds – Entrepreneurship & Social Conscience

Written by Jack Seaberry Sitting at a desk, thick beard bobbing slightly as he speaks with powerful prose. A bandana ties back his long hair. Around him art decorates the walls of the office. Beyond the office there are pinned … Read More

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”Realizations – for the conscious mind” 10 years ago TR was working to build the organization we now know as SOLS 24/7

Original Post: Feb. 21, 2008 Dear all, I pray and hope you’re all doing great in every one of your endeavors. It’s a couple of hours more before I’m done with being in the age category of 22. I feel … Read More

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I traveled Cambodia, to learn about poverty. Now, poverty has a face, and it changed my life.

Sometimes an experience that happened years ago, imprints it fragrance in the crevices of your mind.. a trigger, and everything comes rushing back to the surface. I was 18 years old, the beads of sweat sliding down my back made … Read More

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