3 Things You Need to Know About The SOLS edu App

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3 Things You Need to Know About The SOLS edu App

The heartbeat of SOLS edu is to make quality education accessible to all, because we believe education has the power to change someone’s future for the better. It can give someone an equal chance, greater opportunities and brighter prospects. Top notch education should not be reserved for the elite who have monetary means.

In this vein we set out to create the SOLS edu App. It took us 6 years of research and development to craft an app that is interactive and conducive for learning.

“It is vital that the technology we use can meet the needs of users, and provides them with a learning experience that is beneficial and effective.”

This app is something that I am incredibly excited about – it will allow every Malaysian youth and adult to learn English at their own pace, and to get certified upon completion. We’ve partnered with Joe Flizzow, or Cikgu Joe for the Work Essential English course, which is tailored for those who are new to English, or have low proficiency in the language. We want to see it benefit as many people as possible, so we have made it available for FREE.

The course meets users where they are at – by providing lessons in their native language. At the moment it is available in Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin or Tamil. Learning via a native language can help break down barriers and ease in comprehension and learning, especially if the user has little to almost no experience with the English language.

“It is an app that packs a punch.”

Video and audio tutorials, and lesson exercises in various formats make learning a fun and interactive adventure. Competitions, clearly outlined goals, and immediate feedback keep users engaged. Real-time results, evaluation of performance and repetitive lessons motivate and encourage users to continue improving.

The app currently has about 40,000 users, with the capacity to reach even more. We hope to hit 100,000 users in the coming year. There are more than 30 million Bahasa Malaysia speakers, 270++ million Bahasa Indonesia speakers, and more than 1 billion Mandarin speakers worldwide. As more languages are added to the app, we look forward to casting our nets and expanding to countries like India and China in the future.

“As the English language is a passport or gateway to the world, mastering it is key to gaining employment and career opportunities.”

We cannot ignore the prominence of the language in the business world. Most job interviews are conducted in English. Without a grasp of the language, many may find themselves left behind – unable to land a job, or unable to progress higher in their career.

Digital literacy is also another crucial skill for the times we are now in. The ability to comprehend and utilize technology, software skills, and online tools can open so many doors. There is so much potential in technology that we can glean from if we just know how.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought an unprecedented shift. And one of it is that the world has mostly moved online. Businesses have to adapt to an online model if they want to survive. Working remotely from home has become the norm. And so has teaching – classrooms have gone virtual, and presently, in a hybrid form.

Digitization of education is inevitable. It is not a question of yes or no, but a matter of when. We need to adapt with the changes around us, which are happening at a fast rate. At SOLS edu we recognize, and are responding to the need for quality digital education options, and we are firm believers in the advantages that it can bring to all.

We are paving the way because we know the impact that it can bring. It is not just about teaching English, digital literacy or soft skills – it is about making a difference in people’s lives.