What’s Education Like Now?

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Reimagining Education

The Covid-19 pandemic has really turned the world upside down – things are no longer, and can no longer, be what it was before. This global pandemic has really challenged us and made us question how we do things.

One area that has been particularly affected is education. It is a key part of a child’s life. The learning process and classroom experience are all part and parcel of not just knowledge and skill learning, but also formation of character and nurturement of creativity.

When the pandemic halted in-person lessons, the conventional education system was suddenly thrown into chaos. Students, teachers, and parents grappled with the concept and practice of online learning and interaction through a screen.

But instead of seeing this as a mere disruption, we should seize this as an opportunity to take stock, assess, and reimagine education; to reshape it for the future.
In this digital era, educators need to expand their understanding on digital literacy and the role it will increasingly play in education and future jobs. Technology holds incredible potential for wider and easier access to education for all.

The article mentions ‘mastery-based learning’ as a way to reimagine education. All these form the basis of our SOLS edu app. The app allows personalisation of learning that is difficult to replicate in the traditional classroom. This method allows students to learn intuitively, interactively, and at their own pace, with personal feedback.

The pandemic has also revealed jarring socioeconomic disparities in education that needs to be addressed. The need for equal access, and equitable allocation of resources has never been more pressing.

While the very core of the traditional education methods are still very much relevant today, we need to take one step outside the box, to rethink, reshape, and reimagine education for the future generations.

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