Can Tech Enable Education For All?

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Can Tech Enable Education for All

The move in education from the classroom to online as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic has been interesting, to say the least. While both students and teachers struggled to cope with this change, it has opened a door of opportunity – can technology be a means to enable education for all, regardless of socioeconomic status and geographical location?

The stark reality is that this move has shone a light on the disparities in education between rural and urban, and poor and rich. Online learning requires gadgets and an Internet connection. Some kids do not have the means to own a laptop or a tablet, although smartphones are increasingly more affordable.

However, education technology (edtech) can hold incredible potential. It can provide access to education to those who face barriers in attending school or adapting to the traditional classroom learning methods.

Edtech can offer personalised learning – students can learn at their own pace, and progress only after they have mastered a level. It can also present learning through interactive and creative means, and through gamification.

And this is the heart of our SOLS edu App. It allows users to learn English at their own pace, and in their own mother tongue, whether as a working adult or a student, or someone with little or no aptitude for the language. The learning process also harnesses interactive learning and feedback, which provides similar stimulation to an in-person classroom setting with a teacher, but on a more personal level.

At SOLS 24/7 we believe in creating equal opportunities for learning for all. And technology will be crucial in paving the way towards that.

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