Why is Digital Dexterity Important?

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The Necessity of Digital Dexterity

As a response to the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies and businesses have resorted to moving into the online realm, or a hybrid form of it. Many employees, who once depended on the usage of paper and face-to-face communications, have been left to face the reality – if they do not acquire the tech skills needed, they may not have their jobs anymore. They would also face difficulties finding a new one.

This is where digital literacy is absolutely important. But more than just that, we need dexterity – digital dexterity. It’s not just about knowing the skill, but more importantly, how to apply it. But let’s not just stop at that. There should also be a desire, belief, or mindset, for dexterity – to use technology for better work outcomes.

But it should not be left on the individual. Businesses and organisations must play their part in facilitating and providing avenues and opportunities for their employees to increase digital dexterity. Employers and leaders can support digital dexterity through training and development (seminars, workshops, courses), or built-in mentorship, where experienced employees coach others on the job.

Digital skills and dexterity will fortify both the workforce and the workplace, against the onslaught of the pandemic and the challenges it brings. It is also a timely wake-up call as well, to embrace and integrate technology into our businesses and organisations, as that is something we cannot avoid forever. The future is here, and it is changing, and so must we.

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